I liked being clicked. That’s how it all started.

From a very young age, I have been around cameras and photographic equipment. My aunt was into photography and as a whole, my family always liked being photographed. I have photographs of myself since I was born actually. I mean, we all do, but you should see the amount of pictures that mark my growing up journey.

As such, I always was interested in taking the camera and clicking the people, animals and things I love.

I took to art and painting, since school, and was similarly linked to oil painting and the masters, since my paternal uncle was a wonderful painter. As I grew, my art moved from drawing comic book characters to portraiture. I began to understand the planes of the face and eyes intrigued me.

I wanted to capture what I saw in each pair. Pain, pleasure, love, lust, longing, desire, hope, anguish, anger… I keep trying.

Photography called to me as a medium when I began work with my first digital camera in the early 2000’s. My DSLR came later on and then I upgraded to D750 and lights, and the world seems to have blossomed into varying degrees of light and shadow.

I attempt here to include you in my journey.


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